Online Registration Form:
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Pre registration is open until one week before each event - please be advised:

Sign up times day of, practice, costs, classes, everything you could ever want to know are all in the RULES!

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Here is the MoM registration form.

Printable Registration Form

To pre register, please fill this out completely and neatly (so we can actually read it). Then send with your payment to:

Stimilon Masters of Mini Series
PO Box 943
Clinton, CT

All checks must be made out to: Stimilon International, LLC. Entry forms received without payment will be discarded, mocked and made fun of (so please dont forget - this aint no charity run baby).

All start times, what bikes are legal, class descriptions, practice, etc - everything is under the RULES! section so please read through it (even if you think you know it) so you can learn about the updates and changes.