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All entries received after March 5th will be considered a day of entry and prices will reflect that.

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After Party/Awards

It wouldn’t be a Stimilon Event without an after party! In fact, that is why half of our riders race with us… Sad isn’t it?

The after party will be at the Hilton Garden Inn starting at 9pm. We will also do the awards during this time. So when you are done watching the Main Events, don’t sit around and try to chit chat with us. Get your ass to the hotel, shower up and put some of that pretty smelling stuff the guys on Jersey Shore wear and come party with us!

The after party is free for anyone to attend however we recommend you Get A Room and take advantage of their generous Stimilon Room Rate of $75 per night. Each room has a refrigerator and microwave in it, includes free internet and the rooms are super nice. Call 860-688-6400 and mention the Stimilon Rate of $75. Don’t be that guy and think you can drive home, take the elevator home and be smart! You could fit 3 in a room and that’s only $25 bucks each – what does a night in jail cost? That’s a rhetorical question because I know some of you actually know the answer…

The After Party will offer a cash bar, a special late night Stimilon Menu, and entertainment Featuring LIVE KAROAKE with hosts Carter Olcott and Matty O’rouke (that is worth going right there…) So pick your favorite hair metal song from the 80’s, practice your show in the mirror and come rock out with Stimilon Saturday night after the race! FYI - no ballads or other wuss ass songs allowed – its rock or nothing. Nobody cares how you sing buddy – this isn’t American Idol - its all about the show! So bring your back up dancers and your costumes and let’s get it on!

The Hilton Garden Inn is located at 555 Corporate Drive in Windsor, CT (across the street from the Marriott – just make a left at the light on Day Hill Road when you get off the highway)