We must get your entry and payment by Friday March 5th to count as pre registration.

All entries received after March 5th will be considered a day of entry and prices will reflect that.

Dont pay the IDIOT TAX - Pre Register Today!

What does it cost?

Entries will follow the same pricing we had for the 2009 event: Pre registration will cost you $100 for 2 classes. This includes practice, 4 motos, and a shot at the respective Main Events. If you want to ride a 3rd class via pre registration, it will cost you only $15 more. We are limiting riders to a maximum of 3 classes so that we can allow more riders to have a chance to get into this event.

We do not take credit cards, we never have, sorry. Please mail your completed forms and a check made out to Stimilon International, LLC

If there is still room, we will take day of sign ups. The cost day of will be $65 per class. Don’t pay the idiot tax – pre register and save yourself some coin – you know you are going, so just pre register!

Indoor riding isn’t cheap and indoor racing is even more expensive. But we feel pretty confident that you will have a blast racing with us so go grab your checkbook and sign up so you don’t get left out.